Easy Soft Bonding Agent

Easy Soft Bonding Agent

Easy Soft Bonding Agent



SKU #0504

  • Bonding Agent for  EasySoft liner™
  • Close the bottle immediately after use 
  • Made in Germany


  • 10 ml Easy Soft liner adhesive 
  • It is strongly suggested to adhere to the instructions for applying the patented EasySoft liner™ adhesive (bonding agent) exactly to ensure optimum bonding to the denture base material.  
  • The chemical reaction, which occurs during this important step is one of the keys to EasySoft liner™ success.
  • The first application of adhesive (bonding agent) is needed to react with the base material. Brush on adhesive where EasySoft liner™ material is desired.
  • The adhesive needs 30 seconds to penetrate the acrylic surface.
  • The second application of adhesive is applied to ensure that a complete layering of the adhesive is on the acrylic base material and permits optimum bonding of EasySoft liner™ material. Allow adhesive to dry for the full 2 minutes. DO NOT BLOW DRY. 

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